Clip1 – Purdey’s ‘Hummingbird’ commercial for Framestore (All Animation)
Clip2 – ‘Detective Pikachu’ Film for Framestore (All Animation)
Clip3 – Lizard Personal Project for competition (All Animation)
Clip4 – Ape Personal Project (All Animation)
Clip5 – Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier Game for Imaginati Games (All Animation of bridge and mocap refinement on humans)
Clip6 – The Boys Amazon Show for Framestore (All Animation)
Clip7 – Transformers Universe Game for Jagex (All Rigging and Animation)
Clip8 – Deer Personal Project (All Animation)
Clip9/10/11 – Captive State Film for Jellyfish (All Alien Animation)
Clip12/13– Fable Legends Game for LionHead (All Animation)
Clip14 – Halloween Short Film for Framestore (All Zombie Animation)
Clip15 – Acting Personal Project (All Animation)
Clip16– Fable Legends Game Marketing Material for LionHead (All Woman Animation)


I am a 3d Animator living in England.

Over 14 years as Lead/Senior 3d Animator 5 years Animation management experience Experience in VFX, Cinematic, Gameplay, VR, Previs, Character and Creature Animation Strong artistic and creative skills with a specific focus on storytelling through 3d Animation.

Proficient in Maya, Mobu,UE4, Adobe PS/P/AFX, Perforce and Shotgun Working knowledge of 3ds Max, Confluence, Jira, Redmine and Articy.


Career History and Accomplishments


Animator at Framestore, London, England

(October 2017 to Present)

  • Keyframe animations for Theme Park Rides, Films, Commericals and Other Media.


Animator at Jellyfish Pictures, London, England

(June to October 2017 )

  • Keyframe animations for the film Captive State


Senior Cinematic Animator at The Imaginati Studios, London, England

(May 2016 to June 2017)

  • Keyframe and Mocap cleanup on humans and creatures for cinematics
  • Previs and scene setup


Character Animator on ‘Fable Legends’ at Lionhead Studios, Guildford, England

(February 2015 to April 2016)

  • Created creature animations for in-game and scripted events


Established Upsidedan Ltd.

(December 2014 to Present)

  • Worked as an animation contractor on various game titles and pitches, including Worlds Adrift and Dark Corner for Bossa Studios

Senior and Lead Animator on ‘Transformers Universe’ at Jagex, Cambridge, England

(December 2010 to December 2014)

  • Created character animations for in-game, marketing and cinematics
  • Rigging and character / vehicle / environment setup
  • Worked with Art Leads to develop animation styles and pipeline
  • Scheduling, recruitment, documentation, mentoring and other managerial duties

Lead Animator on MMO ‘Stellar Dawn’ at Jagex

( June 2007 to March 2011 )

  • Lead and directed development of animation styles
  • Worked with project team to ensure all animations met deadlines and creative / technical requirements
  • Responsible for all animation related issues on the game


3d Artist/Animator/Senior Animator on ‘RuneScape’ and ‘MechScape’ at Jagex  

(September 2005 – June 2007 )

  • Worked as a game art generalist with specific focus on animation